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World’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them with everyone

  • SoundCloud is a platform for Creators & Users.
  • Creators upload around 12 hours worth of audio every minute that can be really easily shared anywhere: embedded on websites, shared on social platforms or sent privately to friends.
  • Millions of creators build their careers on SoundCloud, sharing new tracks and connecting directly with fans.
  • Kanye West, Drake and Miley Cyrus upload their new music to the platform.
  • The SoundCloud audio is used by a varied range of publishers for example, Vice who take their favourite audio and embed it on

Free online music streaming service that allows users to create and share custom radio stations.

  • Hundreds of ready made stations divided by genre from mainstream to new artists making it a great discovery platform.
  • Jango offers unlimited skips, overcoming something that frequent steaming listeners often cite as one of the most annoying parts of streaming radio.
  • Artists can pay to promote their tracks, that’s what helps make
    it free.
  • Users can refine the stations they create by rating songs and artists in their feed, meaning they can listen to the music they want to hear.
  • Fun, social way to create & share custom radio stations playing the music you want.   

Capital is the No.1 hit music station in the UK

  • UK’s first national, commercial, hit music radio station
  • Capital’s listeners are on trend and use Capital to be the first in the know on the very latest of whats hot.
  • Capital is music and entertainment destination accessible across many platforms: radio, Tv, online & sell out events

Capital XTRA is the UK’s first national commercial urban dance station

  • Capital XTRA is a platform for emerging talent and breaking tracks in the urban dance music scene
  • Capital XTRA has a social, vibrant audience of urban dance music lovers
  • Listeners pride themselves on being ahead of the trend & have a huge appetite for music discovery

Classic FM is the UK’s favourite classical music station

  • One of the top 3 commercial radio stations in the UK
  • Classic FM makes classical music accessible and relevant to modern audience through its engaging style with well known presenters such as Aled Jones, John Suchet and Alex James.
  • More people listen to classical music ever week on Classic FM than through any other broadcast medium in the UK

Gold plays the hits from decade defining artists

  • A radio station that plays an electric mix of the greatest hits of all time
  • Gold listeners are mature, knowledgable and devoted to music that brings back memories

Smooth Radio plays your relaxing music mix.

  • Presenters include familiar personalities: Mylene Klass, Kate Garraway Tina Hobley and Andrew Castle
  • Plays music to fit your mood: relax, refresh and revitalise
  • Designer Paul Smith is a big fan “ I think its quite cool, because whatever age you are, everyone loves Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder”

Radio X is the home to the world’s freshest rock and guitar-based music

  • A radio station with plethora of personalities from Chris Moyles, Jonny Vaughan and Vernon Kay
  • The focus is on great guitar based music and entertaining conversation
  • Live music is also a big attraction for Radio X listeners

Heart is the home of feel good music.

  • Biggest commercial Radio Brand in the UK
  • Heart creates a fun and feel good environment playing music to keep you happy with features such as Heart’s Happy Hour
  • Presenters feature well known celebrities including: Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston, Mark Wright, Caroline Flack and Gethin Jones

LBC, prides itself on leading Britain’s conversation

  • Talk based radio station that sets the nations agenda with regular political exclusives
  • It’s has entertaining, engrossing and intelligent conversation about the thoughts and topics that people are really talking about
  • The station consistently records a very high number of phone calls, online visits, podcast and app download figures

Taking playlists to another level, Radionomy allows you to create stations based on your favourite audio

  • Independent radio app that is changing the way people from around the world discover and listen to radio stations.
  • These radio stations are purely available online, once they reach the scale threshold they are able to earn revenue from advertising.
  • Features a wide variety of music & talk radio stations from every genre, from yodelling to hip hop available in one place.

An internet radio station which has nearly 100 channels spanning a wide range of genres

  • has nearly 100 different radio channels, covering a number of diverse genres, including Christmas and holiday music
  • It has a user friendly interface that is focussed solely on finding your favourite music.
  • Prides itself on providing music to suit your lifestyle

Web-based platform that allows podcasters and talk show hosts to create live and on-demand talk format content for distribution on the web

  • Largest supplier of podcasts to iTunes
  • Hosts from every walk of life are creating content that resonates with an audience from health, entertainment, paranormal, sports and news
  • Blog Talk Radio has a web based studio allowing content creators to host multi-participant broadcasts using the internet and phone
  • Easy to use platform that allows you to import all content in one click

Online radio station network broadcasting a variety of internet radio channels covering various music genres, time periods and styles

  • 1.FM music channels are 100% free, all the time
  • One of the most listened online radio networks globally and is currently ranked as the 5th largest online global radio network.
  • Variety of radio channels ranging from Chillout lounge radio, Adore Jazz and Amsterdam Trance Radio
  • Request your favourite songs, vote for your favourite artists or dedicate songs to loved ones

A UK radio station which specialises pop, hip hop, R&B, urban and electronic dance music

  • Originally a pirate radio station, Kiss was awarded a licence in 1990
  • Initial investors included Trevor Nelson, Norman Jay and Tim Westwood

An internet radio station which has nearly 100 channels spanning a wide range of genres.

  • Nearly 100 different channels covering everything from old school rave to ambient.
  • Has a “Shows” section which features specific shows and podcasts from DJ’s around the world.
  • DI also features a premium subscription tier which gives users access to higher quality audio, no ads, curated playlists and the entire AudioAddict network.

Digital only station which plays Jazz, Jazz Standards, blues and soul music

  • The station launch with a concert by Ella Fitzgerald at The Royal Albert Hall
  • Jazz FM also owns Love Supreme Festival in June

One of the only rock music based radio stations in the UK

  • Empire Streaming is simply to install and run, being accessible on 99.9% of browser and device platforms.
  • Their realtime reporting lets platforms know who their audience is within days of operating.
  • They also offer Ad Replacement and Insertion technology allowing the smallest publisher to be monetised quickly.

One of the only rock music based radio stations in the UK

  • Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot presents a weekly Saturday evening show
  • Other famous presenters include members of Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath and The Hairy Bikers
  • Planet Rock won Digital Station of the year in 2010

An internet radio station featuring nearly 30 different charts with a focus on rock and adult contemporary

  • A user friendly interface allows listeners to quickly and easily select they favourite channel and listen within seconds.
  • Big R Radio was set up in 2004 and is available on both Android and iOS app.
  • Listeners are able to quickly purchase their favourite songs while streaming, through either Amazon or iTunes.

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