Global will make reasonable endeavours to minimise the risk of ad misplacement across its own properties and DAX (Digital Audio Exchange). The processes that form the basis of these endeavours are outlined below.
Global manually vets and categorises all 3rd party partners before acceptance to DAX to ensure their content is appropriate for our advertisers. We maintain comprehensive publisher whitelists that are updated on a monthly basis. The whitelist is subject to spot-checking to ensure that quality is maintained.
We also adhere to specific blacklists, as specified by buyers, and monitor where ads are delivered via a combination of in-house and 3rd party tools.
Additionally, across our owned and operated properties, we have in-house tools that are used to flag and exclude inappropriate content from carrying advertising.

The below listed content categories are prohibited across Global and DAX where adverts are served.

  • Adult
  • Profanity
  • Offensive Language
  • Hate Speech
  • Unlicensed music content

In the event that an advertiser deems an ad placement to be inappropriate and therefore wishes for the campaign to be removed, clients should contact their sales representative. The campaign can be paused whilst relevant investigation takes place. Global will action such requests within 24 hours. Global operates a weekly ‘on-call’ rota and out-of-houes escalation process to cover the eventuality of such situations taking place outside normal business hours.

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