More people than ever are spending time listening to digital audio.
As we look to the future, digital audio will play an even bigger role in people’s lives.

24.3 million people listen to digital audio for an average of 10 hours per week
6.1 million people in the UK listen to podcasts every week
40% of households are predicted to own a voice-activated device by early 2018
By 2020, 30% of all web browsing will be without a screen


DAX delivers results for advertisers because:

Adverts in audio streams have a listen-through rate of 95%

study showed that 75% of audio listeners think advertising is a fair price to pay for the content they are getting.

With audio, ad blocking is minimal

DAX adds contextual relevance to ad campaigns, increasing their effectiveness when combined with other media channels such as OOH, digital display, search and digital/analogue radio.

DAX’s exclusive data partnerships with premium publishers drive real and measurable results for brands.

DAX increases brand consideration when combined with OOH

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